Public Symposium

26 November 2010 U Thant Hall
Featuring a keynote lecture by Ms. Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General

  • Climate change issues must be incorporated into each country’s core educational curricula, and institutions of higher education must promote the accumulation of relevant scientific knowledge and expertise and support the development of adaptive technologies.
  • If humanity is to deal with climate change in a significant, realistic and sustainable manner, it is vital that we acknowledge the role of education. As a UN agency specializing in education, science and culture, UNESCO has launched a climate change initiative through which it supports investigation and research in such areas as advancing knowledge about climate change, preserving the biosphere, coping with the social aspects of climate change, and minimizing disaster risks — in particular, from the perspective of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
  • This public symposium on “Climate Change and Education: UNESCO’s Role in the 2010s” will feature:
    • a keynote presentation by Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO,
    • presentations by Ms. Won Jung Byun (RCE Tongyeong) and Dr. Hirofumi Abe (Okayama University).

About the Speakers

  • Irina Bokova was elected Director-General of UNESCO in October 2009. She previously served as the Republic of Bulgaria’s Ambassador to France and Monaco, and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO (2005–2009). During her long and distinguished diplomatic career, Ms. Bokova also served as Bulgaria's Representative to the United Nations, Secretary of State for European Integration, and Foreign Minister. She was founder and chairperson of the European Policy Forum. Ms. Bokova holds an M.B.A. from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.
  • Won Jung Byun is Chief Coordinator of the Regional Centre of Expertise on ESD (RCE) Tongyeong, Republic of Korea, and Manager of the RCE Tongyeong Education Center and Eco-Park Project.
  • Hirofumi Abe is Dean of the Graduate School of Environmental Science and Chair of the UNITWIN-UNESCO Chair Programme in Research and Education for Sustainable Development at Okayama University, Japan.