Public Lecture by His Excellency Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe

20 July 2012 UNU Headquarters building
Available in: English 日本語
Prime Minister Tsvangirai will focus on the occasion of this public lecture on democratization processes on the African continent. Speaking from the perspective and experience of a political leader who has experienced robust political situations, Prime Minister Tsvangirai will elaborate on the choices and decisions that can be made to support the return to political and social stability in times of turmoil and uncertainty. Bringing to the forefront the recent events in Northern Africa, as well as in Mali, among others, the Prime Minister will also shed some light on the forthcoming elections in Zimbabwe, which are to be held in 2013, after the adoption, by referendum, of a new constitution.

11.00-12.30 hours, venue to be confirmed (E. Rose Hall or U Thant Hall)