Post-Earthquake Rebuilding Support Symposium

22 May 2011 U Thant Hall

5月22日(日)にシンポジウム 『震災復興に向けて―国連生物多様性の10年と国際森林年を踏まえて―』を国連大学にて開催いたしました。



The massive earthquake and tsunami which hit Northeastern Japan devastated much of the fisheries and agricultural industries in the region, and consequently the livelihoods of many of the people living there. This symposium will address ways to rebuild while exploring the possibility to do so with environmentally friendly sustainable policies.

Mr. Shigeatsu Hatakeyama, the founder of the NPO “Kaki no Mori wo Shitau Kai (NPO Mori wa Umi no Koibito)", (The forest is longing for the sea, the sea is longing for the forest), has firsthand experience as a practitioner in both industries and is also a survivor of the disaster. He will give a talk addressing the important but often overlooked link between the forest and the sea, human habitats, biodiversity, and the revival of agricultural forestry industries and fisheries.

His talk will be followed by presentations and a panel discussion consisting of specialists and policymakers who will address proposals to support the people of the affected regions.

Presentation Title: “Post-Earthquake Rebuilding: The link between forest and sea”

Speaker: Shigeatsu Hatakeyama (Founder, “Mori wa Umi no Koibito”; Professor of Field Studies and Practical Learning, Kyoto University)

Panel Discussion

Facilitator: Kazuhiko Takeuchi (Vice-Rector, United Nations University; Director, Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture)

Panelists: Shigeatsu Hatakeyama (Founder, “Mori wa Umi no Koibito”; Professor of Field Studies and Practical Learning, Kyoto University)
Srikantha Herath (Academic Programme Officer, United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace)
Masaru Tanaka (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University)
Hiroyuki Suematsu (Director General, Forest Policy Planning Department, Forestry Agency)
Osamu Hashimoto (Director General, Fisheries Infrastructure Department, Fisheries Agency)
Tsunao Watanabe (Director General, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment)


    不屈の精神で既に復興に向けた歩みを進められている東北地方の方々を応援するために、 本シンポジウムを開催します。
日時 : 平成23年5月22日 (日)(国際生物多様性の日)
場所 : 国連大学ウ・タント国際会議場
主催 : 国連大学(UNU-ISP)、農林水産省、環境省
共催 : (社)国土緑化推進機構、美しい森林(もり)づくり全国推進会議、日本造園学会、NPO法人
協力 : 公益財団法人東京財団、国際森林年国内委員会事務局、新日本製鐵㈱、(株)ローソン ほか
対象 : テーマに関心があり震災で被害を受けた東北地方の方々を支援したいと思う方ならどなたでも
内容 : ○基調講演
講師:畠山 重篤氏(NPO法人 「森は海の恋人」代表、京都大学社会連携教授)

コーディネーター : 武内 和彦(国連大学副学長、日本造園学会会長)
パネリスト : 畠山 重篤(NPO法人「森は海の恋人」代表、京都大学社会連携教授)
田中 克(京都大学名誉教授)
末松 広行(林野庁林政部長)、
橋本 牧(水産庁漁港漁場整備部長)
渡邉 綱男(環境省自然環境局長)